6 Great Ways to Store our Bar Soaps and Apply them to your Skin

Hey there Ladies,

Today we want to share with you 6 ways to store our bar soaps and apply them to your skin. Especially fort he facial soaps in our assortment, we often got the question: „How do I apply it to the skin?“ We thought, that a blogpost about this topic could be helpful and therefore want to share this one with you guys today :-)

Therefore we present 3 ways on how to store our bar soaps and 3 ways to apply them to your skin.

Ways to store your soaps:

  1. The classic soap dish (made from wood or metal)

Of course we start with the classic soap dish. Soap dishes are the regular way to store soaps. What is important here, is that you choose a soap dish, that includes enables the soap to dry properly. For example soap dishes that are handing on the wall are perfect, or soap dishes that have a „Gitter“ where the water can rinse off.  See some perfect soap dishes here:


  1. The innovative soap magnet

A very innovative way of storing your soap. The soap magnet is an appliance, that you hang on the wall and it has 2 magnets. One on the appliance and the other you stick into the soap. You can then easily hand the soap on the magnet appliance when you want it to dry. Make sure the appliance is in a place where no water runs over it.


  1. The soap rope and or soap bag

Yay! The soap rope and soap bag are another two nice ideas for you to store your soap. Jus screw a hole in your soap and hang it on the rope or just put it in the bag. The soap on the rope/in the bag can be hung onto a hook on the bathroom or shower wall. This way the soap can perfectly dry up and stay in a good condition. Small update: Where are actually looking into pretty ropes that we can give you guys along with your order.


Ways to apply our soaps to your skin:

  1. Classic: with your two gorgeous hands (haha)

Okay the first way is classic again: Just make the soap wet with your hands and rub it until the creamy foam can be applied to your skin with your hands. Some people really prefer to apply our bar soaps with their hands, because they like feeling the bar soap with its amazing scent.

  1. The natural sponge

Another great way to apply bar soap to your skin is to make it wet and then rub it onto a sponge. This is especially great for applying soap to your body in the shower. The creamy soap foams extra much and can cleanse your skin in the best way possible.

  1. The cleansing brush

A brilliant way to apply soap to especially your facial skin is with the help of a cleansing brush. Just make the soap wet and rub it over the brush until the brush is foamy enough. Then apply the brush to your skin and deep cleanse it with the best ingredients of your soap. Also a note on this: We are planning a give away of free brushes soon, so stay tuned!!! ;-)


Sooooo, these were 6 effective ways to store and apply your soap to the skin. We hope that we could help you a little bit with these ideas and wish you lots of fun while using our soaps.

Do you have more ideas? Please share them in the comments! Let's co-create together!!!


Lots of love,


Levity <3

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