An honest comparison between Levity Parlour products and LUSH products

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Our soaps have frequently been compared to the soaps of the store Lush. We get it, Lush also sells soaps, Lush also produces cruelty free and vegan. But, there ARE differences between the products of Lush and our products.

So, today we would like to present you with a brief and honest comparison between our Levity Parlour products and the Lush products. The comparison categories are entered into a table, to make the reading more brief for you guys. The sources used for this comparison were our Levity Parlour company info, the LUSH website, and an articles about LUSH products linked in the bottom. Please keep in mind, that we chose our own criterria for comparison. Of course you can compare companies in a million ways.

Let's get right into it:


 Levity Parlour



Year of Foundation 2017 1995

Levity Parlour has been established in July of 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and is now developping as a new brand on the market.

LUSH was established in 1995 in the UK and is a well-known brand today

Soap Variety

 23 soaps

 >50 soaps

Levity Parlour currently has 23 soaps in its portfolio including the upcoming Christmas collection. The soaps are for the body and some selected ones are for the face. Shampoo bars are in development.

LUSH currently has 31 soaps shown on its website. These soaps are for the body, some for the face and there are also solid shampoo bars.

Place of Production


UK, Canada

The Levity Parlour soaps are produced by our well-trusted partner who is located near Berlin, in Germany. The production site in Germany guarantees us quality and transparency for the production of our soaps.

The LUSH production sites are located in the UK and in Canada. LUSH does not buy in the products, but produced them itself.




Levity Parlour produces its soaps by hand.

LUSH produces its soaps by hand.

Physical Stores



Levity Parlour does not sell its soaps in its own stores. However, the company is probably soon launching a collection of its soaps in selected concept stores in the Netherlands and Germany.

LUSH has hundreds of stores all over the world.




All Levity Parlour soaps are 100% vegan and plant-based. 

LUSH products are vegetarian but not all products are vegan.

Palmoil Free


Levity Parlour Soaps are strictly Palmoil free. Levity Parlour would rather use more expensive oils than to use palmoil.

LUSH products are packed with palmoil. That's a FACT. LUSH hides palmoil in its soaps under terms such as: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate & Sodium Stearate, which are in more than 90%  of the soaps.

Plastic Free


Levity Parlour commits to packaging its products with plastic free packaging only. 

Lush does package many products in paper, metal tins, with their "naked" packaging, however, some products  are packaged in plastic containers. These containers can be returned to the store.


Cruelty Free


Animal Testing for Cosmetic Products is forbidden in the EU and both Levity Parlour and LUSH are thus cruelty free.


Fair trade


Levity Parlour soaps only contain fair traded ingredients, such as fair traded shea butter and coconut milk.

LUSH buys ingredients fair trade (as they mention).

Paraben free


Levity Parlour Soaps are strictly Paraben free. Levity Parlour would rather use more expensive ingredients than to use parabens.

LUSH products contain Methylparabens and Propylparabens. Parabens are used to conserve skin products and are said to cause hormonal changes affecting reproduction and maybe even cancer.

Synthetic and Chemical free


Levity Parlour products do not contain any synthetics or chemicals, because they considerably hurt the natural skin layer and make it more sensitive. In fact, the supplier of the Levity Parlour soaps successfully developped them for Neurodermitis treatment. 

LUSH products are PACKED with chemicals. That is a fact. They contain chemical foaming agents, harsh colour dyes, harsh preservatives, and synthetic unnatural fragrances. 



Let's sum this table up. Of course, you can compare brands in many different ways. We chose a few company and brand related, as well as product related categories.

The purpose of this comparison was not to completely slam LUSH, and that is why we also would not announce a winner of the two. Levity Parlour and LUSH are simply 2 brands making different decisions on their products and how they want to impact the planet and their customers.

Overall, we want to give LUSH credit for buying fair-trade ingredients, producing locally and by hand, as well as being vegetarian. However, we do want to emphasize, that ingredient-wise, the LUSH products are not that green and natural. They do contain chemicals and non- ecofriendly ingredients, that severly hurt our planet. So all in all, LUSH incorporates some usefull values in the ways of production and ethical buying, however ingredient-wise, the products are not that great.Please be aware, that the information about fair trade etc. that Lush presents on its website can still be embellished for Marketing purposes. LUSH, like many other companies is very smart in taking the attention away from its bad ingredients.

Levity Parlour is a much smaller company and a newcomer on the block. We do not have our own stores. However, we believe in creating all-green products, that not only contain social values like handmade local production, fair trade buying, and cruelty free policies, BUT that ESPECIALLY contain green and natural, planet friendly ingredients. This is where the main difference lies between Levity Parlour and LUSH: the fact, that our products contain fully green andd planet and skin friendly ingredients.

We really hope, that this blogpost gave you some valuable insights into the differences between our company and LUSH. By now you know, that our products still contain greener and skin friendlier, natural ingredients than the products of LUSH.

Please leave comments below to share thoughts and comments. We would love to get more ideas from you on this topic. Or do you want to know more? Let us know below.

Have an AMAZING SUNDAY guys, with lots of green, skin friendly, natural SPA time, with LEVITY PARLOUR soaps.

Lots of love,

Levity <3


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