5 Wonders, that Our Clay Bar Soaps can do

Hey Sunshines,

today we want to give some insights into the healing effects of some of our soap bars, that contain different types of clay: red clay, green clay and white clay.
But before we get right into the topic: What is clay? Clay is a very fine-grained earth, that can be moulded when wet and dries on surfaces after a while.
Clay way already used as a cleansing mask in the ancient times…but for what reasons?

1. Bind toxins and bacteria

Yup, clay soap bars are little power packages, because they can bind the bad stuff on the skin. Clays have the natural power to purify the skin by pulling out toxins and bacteria from it. Clay has the power to bind those bacteria and towins, while you massage the foam onto your skin. As a result, acne and other highly sensitive skin problems can be healed through regular use.

2. Bind excess oils

Not only can clay bar soaps bind toxins and bacteria, but also can they bind excess oils on our skin. This is just as beneficial as many girls out there have problems with oily and blemished skin. As a result, clay soap bars are a really good purifier in general.

3. Reduce pigmentation

When applied tot he face, clay warms up slightly and can actually increase the blood circulation of the skin cells. This triggers skin cell renewal and your skin will look and feel younger and fresher.

4. Reduce pigmentation

In connection to the latter point, clay soaps can also reduce the pigmentation, because through the renewal of skin cells also comes the exchange of old cells. As a result, our skin looks much more even with less blemishes.

5. Moisturize the skin

Wow, clay bar soaps can even moisturize the skin while purifying it. How does that work? Through the absorption of the toxins, excess oils and old skin cells, clay soap bars make the skin breathe. While more blood circulate through the skin cells to give it vitamins, the skin is also more open to receive moisturizers after washing it.
So all in all, using clay in bar soaps is a WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN !!!
Now which bar soaps in our assortment contain clay? Check them out below:

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