5 Advantages of Using Our Levity Parlour Shampoo Bars

Good Morning Ladies and Happy Sunday!

Today we want to discuss with you 5 advantages of using our shampoo bars against regular shampoos. The choice of shampoos is absolutely immense and sometimes we just do not know anymore, which shampoo is suitable for our hair.

Well, if you want to use a shampoo, which is not only all-green but also super mild to your hair, then please read the following lines. So here we go:

5 Advantages of using our Levity Parlour Shampoo Bars

1. Lower SLSA levels than other shampoos

YAY, the first advantage of using our shampoos over other shampoos is that ours actually contain much lower SLSA levels than other shampoos. This makes them much gentler in care, so that your skin and hair do not get irritated in any way. Shampoos with our level of SLSA are actually used for babies.

2. No Palm-oil used for our Shampoos

YES, we are happy that our shampoos are palm-oil free! To be exact, our shampoos are 99,99% palm oil free, since there is a small error rate. However our shampoos are not part of the horrendous effects of palmoil production. 

3. Plant- based oils used for our Shampoos

YAY, our shampoos only contain plant-based oils, which makes them much friendlier to the planet and the animals. In addition to that, our plant based oils such as almond oil and coconut oil have magical effects on your hair.

4. 1 of our Levity Parlour Shampoos replaces 2-3 Shampoo Bottles

So this is an important one: Our shampoos are much more yielding than regular liquid shampoos. One small shampoo bar of ours, is much more yielding than liquid shampoo. Many estimations point to our shampoo bar replacing about 2-3 shampoo bottles. This saves you so much MONEY!!!

5. No (plastic) packaging needed

Our soap bars actually do not need any packaging. Because, they are no liquid, they are a solid piece of shampoo, which can just be carried along in a tin box or a paper bag. HOW AMAZING is that? And of course, we do not use any plastic packaging.

Soooo, these were our 5 advantages of using our shampoo bars against regular shampoos. Of course there are still many more advantages, but we will come to those soon. 

If your have questions or comments, please do that below. 

Apart from that, we wish you and AMAAAZING SUNDAY!!!


Love, Levity <3

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