Which of our top facial cleansers is best for your skin type?

Happy Sunday Girls,

Today we want to give some more tips about the perfect facial cleansing bar soaps, that are best for your personal skin type.


If you have oily skin, the best facial cleansing bar is our "Bali Coconut Lemongrass" bar. The green clay earth in the soap bar, clear out excess oils from your skin and the coconut oil in the bar, keeps your skin smooth. 

This make literally does wonders to your skin if you it tends to be oily.


If you have blemished skin, which easily tends to get red areas, pimples and infections, then our "Stardust Charcoal" facial cleanser is for you. This bar contains fresh charcoal, which has proven to be highly effective for removing toxins, excess oils and dirt from the skin. The shea butter in the bar, keeps you skin moisturized while cleansing it.


If you have dry skin, then our "Oatmilk Sugarbabe" facial cleansing bar is for you. The bar contains raw oats, aswell as rich cocoa butter and coconut oil to give some extra moisture to you skin. The sugar in the bar activates blood circulation, which will naturally nurture your skin.


If you have sensitive skin, which easily gets irritated by regular facial cleansers, then our "Pink Cream Dream" facial cleansers are for you. They contain extra portions of pink clay earth to take any irritations, toxins and bacteria away from your skin. They soothe it that way and moisturize it with extra portions of oils such as olive oil, ricinus oil, babassus oil and sweet almond oil.


If you have normal skin, which is not too sensitive, then our "Like Matcha" bar is for your. With fresh cucumber and aloe vera gel, this bar cools your facial skin and refreshes it. The rice germ oil in the bar, gives it some moisturie to keep your skin nurtured.


We still have some more facial cleansers, but these are our top sellers for the categories.

We hope, that you got some more insights and wish you a happy Sunday <3

Love, Levity

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