5 Powerful Ways of Relaxation during the Week

Hello Sunshines,

Today we want to share with you some great and effective ways to do spa time during the week. 
Especially during week days we only live for our jobs and other busy activities in our lives. But especially then, it is important to de-stress and do some spa time. 
A spa time during the week can really clear our minds and make us feel grounded, which will let us start the next dear with positive energy, centeredness and clarity. 
Here are our 5 powerful ways of relaxation during the week
1. Go offline 
The first great and effective way to do spa time during the week is for us to actually go offline with our devices. In nowadays world we constantly expose ourselves to an overflow of information made up of media, news, social networks and so on. It can often feel overwhelming and making our minds restless. 
Going offline with our devices and putting them into flight mode instantly quiets all the noise coming from them. It calms our minds and lets us finally listen to ourselves and the thoughts that come up naturally.
So go offline now and enjoy the benefits of a calm exterior to calm your interior.
2. Take a greatfulness walk and or meditate
During the week, we may feel stressed and we often have to deal with many different energies that come along in a day. Also it can happen, that although we are in a fast moving environment during the day, we actually do not move that much.
Coming home and taking a walk outside, not only gives us fresh air to revive the system, it also lets us release stress from our bodys by literally walking it out. The cherry on top of a walk outside is for us to reflect on the positive things of the day: 1. our successes and 2. our gratefulness. We can reflect on all the great things we did that day and also express our gratefulness. This will make us leave the day on a positive note with a 100% guarantee.
So, grab your shoes and go outside for that walk. 
3. Make a comforting tea
It sounds so simple but this way of relaxation has a guaranteed effect. Warm beverages calm our bodies and the herbal functions of teas can really make us loosen up. Choosing a special tea and preparing it the way you love it, can make the tea such a luxury. The combination of a delicious taste of the tea and the warmth it gives you, makes you relax more with every sip. 
Now make the most delicious tea, that you ever deserved.
4. Create your bathroom spa
Now this is an interesting point. Relaxation often means zoning out from the outside world. A part of this is also to really create a cozy  and wholesome spa time experience for yourself. This can include: putting up some candles in the bathroom, putting on mediation music, using shower essentials that have spa character such as: skin scrubs, products with essential oils, using body brushes.
That way you can make yourself cozy in there and make it your parlour of relaxation.
5. Show your face some love with Levity Parlour bar soaps
Now there is something special about relaxation and trating out facial skin. Our facial skin is probably one of the most used skin cares per day. Our face is our capital as we display emotions with it and use it to interact with others. That makes us spend a lot of time and effort on looking good in our face.
Well, ultimate relaxation means to exactly relax our face by nurturing our skin and facial muscles with a nurturing skin cleanse with Levity Parlour soaps. The soaps not only clean our face, but also nuruture it with gentle and smooth natural butters, milks, and oils. They make us feel good and a happy face also leads to a happy soul.
So, get your Levity Parlour soaps in and show your face some love.
6. Doing something extra
Apart from the facial care, a great way is also to do something extra, that you do not do so often in your personal care routine. This can for example be: to put on a creamy hair mask, to take a foot bath, to massage yourself, to do your nails, and many more. 
Doing the extra activity will really make this moment special.
7. Cuddle up in bed with a book
Once you are done in the bathroom, you should hurry and cuddle up in bed nicely with one of your favorite book. First of all, bed= comfort, and secondly: books have been proven to be way more relaxing than phones or technical devices can ever be. They are less irritating to your eyes and they let your thoughts get taken off the day.
We hope, that these powerful ways can help you have a goood relaxation during the week. They are rather simple but they have great effects. Getting up the next day feeling empowered and grounded is a guarantee.
Got more ideas? Leave them in the comments. 
Lots of Love,
Levity Parlour <3

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