10 Reasons for Choosing Levity Parlour

There are many natural bar soap producers, but there is only one Levity Parlour!

But what makes our brand and products so special?​

Here are 10 Reasons for choosing Levity Parlour

1. Certified Natural & Fair-Trade Ingredients
Our soaps contain natural and biological ingredients only. This means, that they contain EU certified ingredients from biological production. Biological production means, that no chemical, synthetic or genetically modified fertilizers have been used. Many skin care products nowadays use ingredients, which come from farms that use genetically modified fertilizers and chemicals. The ingredients in our soaps are also fair-traded. This means, that for every soap we used ingredients from farmers in a fair pricing agreement. That way, we want to prevent exploitation of farmers and support them, so that they can run their business by getting fair shares of the profits. Especially in the markets for shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut milk, we rely on farmers from Africa and Asia who easily may become victims of unfair price negotiations and discounting. 

2. Handmade with Love 

Our soaps are handmade with lots of love in a small atelier in Berlin, Germany. With our unique recipes each soap is produced with utmost care and quality. We put quality above quantity and do not want to compromise quality for scale production. The big skin care giants of the world,have the commong goal to produce their products, faster, cheaper and more efficient. While efficiency is not a bad thing, we believe that quality often suffers, when efficiency and scale economcy become more important. 

3. Vegan & Cruelty Free
​Our soaps are fully vegan. This means, that they do not contain any animal fats, but only plant-based fats such as shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, ricegerm oil, avocado oil and coconut milk. Nature has many plant-based treasures to offer, which are better for the skin than animal fats. We are happy to contribute to the rising consciousness of consumers for plant-based skin care. Many big skin care giants include animals fats in their products simply, simply because it is cheaper. Our soaps are also cruelty free, meaning that they have not been tested on animals in order to be approved. No animals had to suffer for skin care testing for bigger and better profits of our soaps. We are more than happy to support the consciousness of consumers for using cruelty-free skin care. 

4. Palmoil Free
Levity Parlour refuses to support the palmoil industry, which leeds to extreme deforestation of rainforest in Indonesia and Malaysia. Longterm effects of this deforestation is that over 300.000 types of animals such as the tiger and the orangutan lose their natural habitat and become extinct. Many skin care giants still use palmoil, because it is cheap for them, no matter the effects of this. Also, many skin care giants use the so-called "sustainable palmoil", which just appears as a greenwashing strategy of the industry for selling palmoil with better arguments. 

5. Detergent Free & Chemical Free & Synthetic Free
​Unlike liquid soaps, our bar soaps do not contain any detergents nor chemicals. Detergents and other chemicals such as parabens destroy the natural skin layer with longterm effects. This becomes even worse, when applied to the skin daily. That is why our soaps are detergent and chemical free, which makes them even more gently cleaning. The big soap producers of the world usually use synthetic parabens such as: "Methylparaben" and "Propylparaben", which are fillers, preservatives and potential hormon disruptors. Do you want to put stuff like that on your skin? We don't, and that is why we refuse to include this into our products. Only the GOOD STUFF for Levity Parlour soaps.

6. Plastic Free
Environmentally friendly packaging is an important part of our product. We not only want to offer soaps produced with love, but also sent with love for the care of the environment. That is why we do not use any plastic in our packaging- neither for the soap packaging, nor for the shipping. Our bar soaps are little green miracles, that do not need any plastic packaging and are perfect for taking them along for travels. Of course, we cannot prevent that our soaps are being transported by plane and truck and contribute to global CO2 emmissions, but their packaging is green.

7. Super Smooth and Happy Skin

Because our creamy soaps only contain the good stuff, they make your skin super smooth and happy. With our extra portions of shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and avocado oil, the creamy foam of our soaps cleans your skin in the most gentle way. The ingredients of our soaps support your natural skin layer and add gentle moisture to it. When applied regularly, your skin will heal and the skin layer will become softer, smoother and will get a radiant glow.

8. We are happy to help

Not only do we want to provide a great product, but we also want to help you in the best way possible. We stand 100% behind our product and want our customers to be fully informed, satisfied and happy with the product. We are also curious to hear about the effects of our soaps. We are available for your questions, needs and thoughts from Monday to Friday, where you can expect a reply within 24 hours. You can follow us on Instagram at @levityparlour and share the love with #levityparlour and you can contact us at levityparlour@gmail.com. 

9. A passion product

The Levity Parlour soaps are a pure passion product by the founder Nadja, who wants to realise her vision of all-green skin care for a healthier environment. When buying from Levity Parlour, you support not only fair trade, biological production, cruelty free cosmetics and veganism, but also you support a passion project by the founder. When buying from big skin care giants on the other hand, you just support additional profits for products, that are pumped with parabens and chemicals. Here you can support a young entrepreneur wanting to bring a new way planet friendly skin care to the world.

10. Levity Parlour for freedom, happiness, a feminity & self- confidence

Levity Parlour is a brand with a strong spirit of freedom, happiness, feminity and self-confidence. The brand wants to express freedom of life and being your purest self, happiness, and the playful feminin power and self-confidence of the women of the Golden 20s. We embrace the individual beauty of human beings on this earth no matter their skin type and gender. This individual beauty should be expressed freely and with happiness and pride and...with Levity Parlour <3.

Levity Parlour <3


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