6 Feminist Artists you need to follow

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we have come across an amazing article by Milk.XYZ Magazine, which features 5 feminist artist, we need to follow as of now!

Because, the article was so cool, we copied it in word by word via this link

So thanks Milk.XYZ magazine for this amazing article- here you go girls:

A new wave of artists is taking over the world and our Instagram feeds. In the days just after the election, the internet was swarmed with art inspired by the eventsthat had recently unfolded. Art has taken on its own role in the resistance as a weapon against fascism and the idea that women are to be seen, and not heard. Though art, in essence, is visual, it can take on its own voice. In the case of these 5 feminist artists, that voice is loud and clear – “we will overcome.”

Stephanie Deangelis


Stephanie Deangelis (@stephdeangelis) is an illustrator and designer based in Los Angeles. Her artwork often consists of nude women as they go about everyday activities like lounging at home or applying skincare. By depicting naked women as natural and uncontroversial, it strips away the stigma that naked women in art are for the male gaze alone.

Maria-Ines Gul


Based in London, Maria-Ines Gul (@mariainesgul) uses gouache, ink, and colored pencils to create her artwork. Gul most often creates portraits of women – wearing hats, creating art themselves, etc – or simply depicting female facial features in a simplified piece.

Angelica Hicks


New York native Angelica Hicks (@angelicahicks) combines “low brow” humor with highly intellectual and cultural references to create her art. Often drawing inspiration from puns and pop culture, this female artist is your go-to for feminism with a side of comedy.

Sally Nixon


Illustrator Sally Nixon (@sallustration) is no stranger to using feminist motifs to create her artwork. Drawing inspiration from the everyday lives of women, Nixon has created an alternate but relatable world where cats, house plants, and badass women reign. You can also pick up Sally Nixon’s new search-and-find book Houseplants and Hot Saucewhich is basically a more feminist Where’s Waldo. What’s not to love?

Robin Eisenberg


Robin Eisenberg (@robineisenberg) depicts women in outer galaxies and extraterrestrial fantasies. In Eisenberg’s artwork, women are strong and the main focus of every piece. The LA-based artist also has a love for pizza, and her illustrations and designs often feature slices. Your new phone background is here.    


Now, this is our 6th artist, which we felt, we had to add to the article. Lisa, we know you and we love your art!!! You are a truly amazing artist for feminie art and we want to feature you here. You have this exquisite way of displaying women in balance with the universe and nature. Keep up the great work! 

Featured image via Stephanie Angelis

Stay tuned to Milk for more feminist art.






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