5 Essentials for a Sustainable Bathroom (with useful links)

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Today we have a blogpost for stepping up the GREEN LIFESTYLE game.

This blog post presents our favorite essentials for a green & sustainable bathroom.

Of course there are many more, essentials that you can choose. These are atleast ours. 

Let's get right into it!!!

1. Package free Soap, Facial Cleanser, Shampoo and Conditioner

Of course we had to start with this essential. Having packaging free soaps, facial cleansers and haircare products is such a huge plus. You save packaging, which is good for the planet and it looks way prettier in the bathroom. Also, solid skin- and hair care products are much more yielding and take much less space!

All in all, it is so much better to have these in place.

Take a look at our soaps, facial cleansers and shampoos, which are all plastic-free.

2. Soap dishes, Tin Boxes & Toothbrushes etc. from natural materials

Next up: to support the maintenance of your package free soaps, shampoos and conditioners it is good to have soap dishes that let your soaps drop the excess water and dry up after usage. This makes you keep them for a longer time. You can buy soap dishes on our website within the next few weeks! If you are on the go, then tin boxes for your soaps, facial cleansers and shampoos are perfect. You can take them for travels and keep your products safe that way. You can buy our Levity tin boxes in the next few weeks on our website :-)

Moreover, we highly encourage you guys to also use toothbrushes and hairbrushes made from natural materials such as wood. The toothbrushes by planetbamboo look really cute and are sustainable at the same time.

Other products such as reusable facial cleansers, that can be washed in the washing machine are also a great add-on. The ones by Lamazuna are our go to option, or facial Konjac sponges.

3. Shower flow limiters  (saves money and water)

This next essential is a genius one, because it saves huge amounts of money for you and water for the planet. A shower flow limiter limits the flow of water running through your shower head by about 30%. This saves you heaps of money and has a significant impact on your water consumption.

You can also use this gadget for the kitchen and all water pipes in your house.

Get one on Amazon via this link

4. Decor & Accesories from organic materials

What would a lovely bathroom be without any nice decoration pieces. However you choose to decorate your green& sustainable bathroom: Make sure to use decor pieces from natural materials such as wood, ceramics and stone.  

5. Plants as Air Purifiers

Coming to the essentials, which makes our heart beat a little faster. THE PLANTS!!! Plants are natural air purifiers. Especially in the bathroom can they purify and refresh the air, while looking cute and giving your bathroom a nice atmosphere. 

We really like hanging plants for the bathroom. But possibilities are endless. Go on Pinterest or Instagram and get inspired <3


We really hope, that you enjoyed this blogpost and can incorporate some of these tips into your life. 

Let's create a world, where people value natural resources and avoid plastic products.

Got more tips? Let us know in the comments below.


Love, Levity <3

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