BODY TALK - How to feel great in your own, beautiful, unique body

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Today we are publishing a very special blogpost, that is dear to our heart <3 

It is a BODY TALK about how to feel great in your own beautiful unique body.

We were inspired by pictures of the women of the Golden 20s and how they celebrated their bodies and their lifes. This spirit is perfectly shown in old photographs of the roaring 20s. Looking at these photographs, we started to wonder: What thinking did these women have, that us women are missing nowadays?

Today there is so much concern and sensibility about our bodies and how something is WRONG with them. When did the positive body thinking shift to become so hyper critical?

In this blogpost we want to lign out some key thoughts that the Women of the Golden 20s had, and how we can apply them into our lifes today. Also we have 5 tips on how to feel great in you own beautiful unique body. 

The Spirit of the Women of the Golden 20s

“They were smart and sophisticated, with an air of independence about them, and so casual about their looks and clothes and manners as to be almost slapdash. I don't know if I realized as soon as I began seeing them that they represented the wave of the future, but I do know I was drawn to them. I shared their restlessness, understood their determination to free themselves of the Victorian shackles of the pre-World War I era and find out for themselves what life was all about.” 
- Colleen Moore, TV actress

The women of the Golden 20s were FREE and full of SELF EXPRESSION. After the strong societal structures of the Victorian times, the women of the Golden 20s not only freed themselves in areas such as education, politics and working life, but also in fashion, lifestyle and self image. While before, they had to fit tight corsetts, have long feminine hair and look pretty for their husbands, they could now wear their hair boyish short, wear casual clothes and engage in pleasures that were priorly restricted and only for men.

The women of the Golden 20s celebrated their freedom and independence and were not afraid to show their bodies. They did not give a flying f?ck about societal expectations. The effects of this thinking were mesmerizing: the photographs show women who are feeling themselves, who are strong at their core, who don't feel sorry for anything, who enjoy their lives and being themselves. - NO LIMITING THOUGHTS INVOLVED

Although we nowadays have to deal with less limitations in education and work life than these women, we still limit ourselves in our thinking of beauty. We finally need to start feeling ourselves and our bodies like those women do. Radiate freedom, happiness, and self- confidence by expressing ourselves with our unique bodies.


Here are 5 tips for how to feel great in our own, beautiful, unique bodies

1. Realise that your body works to serve you 24/7 

It is time to give a huge credit to your body. Your body first of all is a wonder in itself. It is a power system, that works 24/7 to be the best loving home for your mind and soul. Every cell in your body renews itself regularly for you to be alive and healthy. Your body is programmed to keep you healthy without you even telling it to do so. 

Realising this, gives you absolute NO REASON to ever hate your body. Now take a moment of deep gratefulness and give credit to your body being an absolute loving power system. Your body is an AMAZING miracle.

2. Look at art displaying women and their unique body types

This one is an interesting one. Art displaying women throughout history sets your expectations right again for the definition of beauty. You will see, that art of women and their bodies usually celebrates the beautiful body as a whole and its own unique glory. The more pictures you look at, the more you will see the beauty in the different unique beauty shapes and the beauty of women in general <3 

You will feel proud of being part of the gender, that comes in the most beautiful shapes.

3. Train yourself to "judge" women bodies by being uniquely beautiful and perfect in their own way

First off: We should not judge anyways! BUT until we stop judging bodies, we can start with an easier step: The step of judging bodies by being beautiful and perfect in their own, unique way. Every body with its unique beautiful traits is perfect in its own way. That is why there is no need to compare ourselves to others. Every body displays its own perfection.

4. Start a weekly smile at yourself and gratefulness routine

Once per week (atleast), look at yourself in the mirror and smile at yourself, blow kisses, wink at yourself and recognize 3 unique features that you love about your body. Still feel weird about blowing kisses at yourself in the mirror? Try it, it will instantly make you smile ;-D

Write the 3 features down and feel grateful about them. If you repeat this every week and come up with 3 new features every week, they will add up and you realise how many damn beautiful traits you have.

5. Train, treat and feel your body

Now, that we covered the mind activities, we come to the physical part. Schedule time to train and work your beautiful body by doing any sports and movement that you like, may it be swimming, running, dancing, yoga or any other activity that you love.

Your body loves any kind of movement. It was built for that. Also treat your body with any relaxation techniques such as aroma therapy showers, massages, moisturizing etc. Do good for your body and finally feel it. Connecting to your body and its signals instantly improves your feeling of self.

Take some time every week to meditate or stretch and feel how your body feels, whether you have tense areas, aking muscles. Become more sensitive to your body and listen to its signals. In times of reduced body activity in our jobs, we should not forget to allow our bodies to give us signals about how we feel.


So, this was our BODY TALK blogpost on this topic. We hope, that this blogpost gave you some value and that we could enlighten you.

Got more ideas on this topic? Please leave them below. SHARING IS CARING!

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