Our Story


But how did the story of Levity Parlour start? A story by the founder Nadja:

"On a cold November day in 2016, I was looking for nice Christmas presents that I could give to friends and family. I was doing research on the internet and finally decided to try making my own soap using natural oils and flower blossoms. Throughout the process, I realised how much potential natural cold process bar soaps have, because they can capture natural oils and ingredients in their purest form and they do not contain detergents like liquid soaps. In that way, bar soaps made from natural butters and oils are little miracles carrying the best of nature in its purest and most gentle form. I also found out, that besides containing lots of detergents and often times chemicals and colourants, liquid soaps have such a high waste rate by being packaged in plastic dispensers. 

I started to wonder: If bar soaps have more benefits, clean the skin in a much more gentle way and do not need plastic packaging, why isn't everyone using them?​

I went into the shops and realised that bar soaps had completely been swept off the shelfves. It seemed that they had become old-fashioned and uninteresting and liquid soaps had taken over the shelves, though actually being harmful to the skin. According to a research on Huffpost.com, bar soaps have vanished more and more from the shelves thanks to marketing of big liquid soap producers. The liquid soap producers claimed, that bar soaps carry germs and are not hygenic enough, which has been proven wrong in several researches (see article here), and so liquid soaps took over the markeet slowly but surely. In the last 20 years though, liquid soaps have been produced in ways that made them actually more harmful to the skin with producers adding more detergents, various chemicals and artificial colorants to the soaps, not to mention animal fats. Seeing all of the bad ingredients in liquid soaps nowadays really shook me. 

This is when the vision sparked my mind. The vision of bringing back traditional bar soaps into the modern world of skin care with their all-green and gentle cleaning energy, battling detergent liquid soaps in plastic containers. The brand Levity Parlour was born and it is now bringing happiness, light and levity to happy customers all over the world.
I found a lovely supplier in Berlin, Germany who is making the soaps by hand with fair traded natural butters and oils, vegan, palmoil free, fair trade, and paraben free. I am more than happy to have found this supplier who shares my vision of bringing high quality all-green and gentle soaps made with lots of love to the market. ​

I am super excited to make this vision come alive and share the happiness, light and love!"

"The future of great skin care is all-green and gentle"

                                                 - Levity Parlour