Levity Men's Collection

The FEMALE FUTURE FORCE is real, but let's treat GOOD GUYS well too!

First of all we want to say, that guys are welcome to use ALL of our soaps. Our lovely Mango Dreamland bars and all of the other soapscan be used by guys and gals. However, we have 4 soaps, which are especially great for guys. Let us give you a brief review of the men's soaps:

1. Azura Lagoon

This soap is perfect for guys with its fresh and strong aquatic smell. This soap is for guys who go all in for the fresh and aquatic smells. It stands for absolute freshness and wakes your guy up instantly in the morning if you want that haha :-D With fresh olive oil and cocoa seed butter, this soap cleanses the skin in the most gentle way.

2. Cocoa Soulspice

This soap is not only perfect for the winter but can also be used by guys for its warm and strong flavours. For guys, that like warm and slightly spicy perfumes, this is their go to soap. With orange patchouli and vanilla it revives the senses and cleanses your guys' skin silky smooth.

3. California Dreamin 

Our California Dreamin bars are also perfect for guys due to their magical smell. Guys, who like classy, slightly warm and sophisticated perfumes will like these bars. The soap bars smell sophisticated and mezmerizing at the same time. With fresh olive oil and vitamin E, it rejuvenates your guys skin and cleanses it in the smoothest way. 

4. Morning Coffee Scrub

This amazing winter shower bar radiates warmth. With freshly ground espresso beans and orange, this bar is the ultimate warm Xmas bar for men. The coconut milk in the soap keeps the skin nicely moisturized and soft.



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