Levity Winter Collection

YAY! Our cozy winter collection is here and it is so DREAMY <3

In this years' collection we have four amazing soaps. We have 2 very warm soaps: our "Morning Coffee Scrub" and our "Chai Spice & Orange" soap. They contain lots of essential oils and plant-based butters to moisturize your skin while showeing. The orange, and coffee elemen and scents in the soaps warm you up instantly.

Our "Winter Woodland" soap is the ultimate Christmas soap, because it smells like fresh fir trees from the forest. Or like our Christmas tree in the living room.

Our "Ice Baby" soap is a pure breeze of a cold winter morning with its minty scent. With lots of shea butter, it moisturizes your skin while clearing your mind in the morning.


Enjoy our winter collection <3 

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