Our Soap Production

Our Product

Levity Parlour soaps are natural hand-made bar soaps. They are made in Germany and contain only the finest and purest natural, fair trade ingredients. Thus, they are vegan, palmoil free and paraben free. The Levity Parlour soaps contain extra high levels of natural butters and fats such as shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil to be extra smooth. This makes them extra soft and friendly for your skin. There are different soaps for the face, the body and the hands. However, due to their extra gentleness, they can actually all be used for the face. 
The Levity Parlour soaps are packaged and transported with natural recycable paper packaging only. Levity Parlour aims to be plastic-free and does not package or ship its soaps in plastic wrappers or boxes. Together with fair-trade ingredients, no animal fats, no palmoils, no parabens and no chemical colorants, these soaps are all-green. 

Our Prices

Levity Parlour is a direct-to-consumer company, which right now does not sell its soaps via other resellers. Thus, there are no retail mark-ups on our soaps. The soaps are handmade and not produced in mass production, which gives them a premium price. But this price is extremely fair considring, that the Levity Parlour soaps are little all-green and super gentle miracles for your skin providing highest quality fair-traded ingredients. 

Our Packaging

Since the soaps are all-green, the packaging supports this notion by being 100% recycable and paper only. We aim to be plastic-free and our Levity Parlour soaps are packaged in beautiful minimalist paper packaging. They are still sent via airfreight and yes, this has CO2 emissions, but this is something, we cannot change.

Our Production

Finding the right supplier was our utmost priority, as this defines the quality of the perfect soaps. After some weeks of research and several emails and calls, we are happy to have found the perfect supplier:
We found our lovely supplier in Germany whom shares our values and ideas about all-green and gentle skin care. The are the turning wheel for the quality of our soaps and we are grateful for their corporation. 
The production facility is rather small, as the soaps are also handmade. Maybe in the future, there will be extensions done to the factory with more order quantities coming in ;-)

The production is led by the founder of the company and her lovely employees. Most employees are female (GIRL POWER!!) and they work from Monday to Friday between 09.00-17.00.

The supplier is currently producing around 50 different soaps with body and hand soaps aswell as face soaps. She even started producing hair shampoos, which are still in the testing phase. The supplier produces all year round and only sources fair traded and natural ingredients. Quality is key here. Quality- made in Germany.

A little background information on the manufacturing owner: The owner of the company founded the company... years ago and is ever since supplying wholesale customer with her high quality soaps. For her it all began with her kids reacting allergic to regular liquid soaps and the doctor recommending her to use natural bar soaps. She ultimately started producing her own soaps which nurtured her childen's skimn in the most gentle and natural way. The positive effects of the hand crafted bar soaps on her children made her develop her own business to make these lovely soaps available to more people that desire gentle and green skin care.