The All-Green Future of Skin Care

"The future of great skin care is all-green and gentle"

- Levity Parlour

Within the last 25 years of skin care, we have been steering towards a world of scale economies, fast-paced consumption and extended usage of our natural resources. Within the last 10 years, we have been waking up to this development and have realised, that this is not the way to go for the future. New skin care movements such as organic skin care and biological skin care were born and positively contributed to our skin health.
But is that all we can do for our well-being and the environment?

The All-Green Future of Skin Care

We highly believe, that after the revolution of natural skin care, there will now be a revolution of all-green skin care. All-green skin care is skin care, which not only contains natural certified fair trade ingredients, but is also vegan, palmoil free, chemical- and detergent free and most importantly uses environmentally friendly packaging.
All-green skin care takes a more holistic approacch to the environmental challenges by not only supporting green ingredients, but also green practices and packaging. It is tthe next step to a healthier skin and environment.

How does all-green skin care affect our skin?

All-Green = Super Gentle

All-green skin care by Levity Parlour cleans your skin super smooth and soft. Our creamy soaps can make miracles happen with their creamy foam. We highly believe, that the extra portion of creamy plant-based ingredients such as cocoa butter, avocado oil and shea butter in our soaps offer an extra portion of gentle care to your skin. The resultt? A healthy, happy, and smooth skin.