FAQ Soaps and their Usability

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How big are your soaps?

The soaps have rough measurements of 8x6x2centimeters. They differ slightly in their measurements, however the soaps have a standard weight of 100 grams per piece. For every order we also add 2 free soap minis to the shipment. Those free soap minis weigh about 10 grams and have approximate measurements of 6x2x0.2centimenters. 

For which body parts can I use the soaps?

Our soaps are mainly for the face, the body and the hands. Due to their gentle cleaning function and green ingredients, they are super skin friendly and the perfect daily choice for your skin care routine. We have some soaps specialized for your facial skin, because they have an extra portion of gentle care ingredients. But in theory, you can use all of our soft and gentle soaps for the face.  

Are the soaps for every skin type?

The soaps are for every skin type, because they are super gentle and all-green. However, we have soaps that are more specialized for dry skin, oily skin or hyper sensitive skin. Please check the product description for each soap to see, which soap is for you :-)

What does "all-green" exactly mean?

All-green in this case means, that our soaps have the following eco-friendly characteristics: they are vegan, palmoil free, paraben free, synthetic free, detergent free, (micro)plastic free, contain fairtrade natural fats, are handmade, made in Europe with fair labour, are plastic packaging free. All in all, our soaps are green and eco-friendly on a multidimensional scale in terms of ingredients, sourcing,  production, and packaging.

What does "gentle" exactly mean?

Gentle in this case means, that our soaps contain extra portions of natural plant-based butters, milks, and oils such as cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut milk, almond milk, oatmilk, olive oil, avocado oil, rice germ oil, and ricinus oil. In combination with the detergent free, synthetic free, and parabenfree production, these soaps are extra soft, smooth and gentle in their texture.

What are the main ingredients of your soaps?

Our soaps mainly contain five key elements. Natural fats to give the skin a lot of moisture and care, lye to make the soap a cleansing product, special ingredients to give the soaps their different healing functions, perfume to make them smell nice, and cosmetic pigments to make them look nice.

Of course, the amounts of those key elements differ for every soap bar and they have different recipes. But all in all, each soap is made with this structure. 

See the 5 elements below:

- a natural fat base: shea butter, olive oil, cocoa butter, coconut milk, coconut oil, ricinus oil, rice germ oil or avocado oil:

- lye (Sodium Hydroxide)

- special ingredients such as: aloe vera gel, sea salt, different clays, charcoals

- perfume: in some cases

- cosmetic pigments: in some cases

One important thing to mention, is that our soaps contain an extra portion of natural fats, which makes them extra creamy. This way, they moisturize your skin better than other bar soaps.

Do your soaps contain microplastic?

No, our soaps do not contain microplastic! This is also part of our plastic free agenda. 

What makes your soaps different from others?

Our Soaps are fully green and natural. What does that exactly mean? They are made from natural ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil and coconut milk. They are plant-based, which means that they do not contain any animal fats. They are also paraben free and synthetic free. They contain fair traded products and they contain extra portions of natural moisturizers. This makes them become extra gentle and smooth for your daily skin care. Moreover, they are handmade with love in Berlin, Germany and they are made in the cold process. In the cold process, the ingredients in the soaps are captures in their purest form and thus can bring maximum effects of cleansing and moisturizing to the face. Moreover, the company is a small start-up led by a visionary founder. Buying at Levity Parlour means supporting a vision to make the world a greener place and to give the best and most gentle care to girls and women around the world. 

All in all out soaps have the following unique benefits:

1.  Biological ingredients 

2.  Vegan

3.  Paraben free

4.  Synthetic- & Detergent free

5.  Plastic free

6.  Fair trade ingredients

7.  Biological in

8.  Handmade

9.  Made in Germany = Quality

10.Supporting a vision of a greener world and the most gentle skin care